Wrapping Up For  2022: The Power Of Saying Thank You In The Workplace!


Showing gratitude to employees is a good way of recognizing their efforts and making them feel valued in your company. The best part of appreciation is that it’s free and doesn’t consume a lot of time. Anyone at any level can offer appreciation. It can be directed toward an employee, a colleague, or a boss; but when leaders get involved in the effort, a culture of appreciation spreads more quickly.

Moments of such nature increase morale and turn the office environment into a more positive and friendly space. Also, it accentuates the employee's desire to produce excellent work.


A study published in the Magic Word for Business Growth Report involved over 1200 participants, 40% said they would feel less motivated to work if their employer never said thank you or show gratitude for a job well done. Almost half of the participants stated that not receiving any form of gratitude would make them want to leave the company. This proves that employees need assurance, that they are valuable and that they are a part of something bigger and not just a statistic.

According to a recent report by Microsoft, 41% of the global workforce consider leaving their jobs within the next year. The reasons may include poor salaries or reasons affiliated with appreciation and a sense of belonging. In her timeless TED talk of 2008, Laura Trice, a doctor who works with those suffering from addiction explained why saying thank you must be done more frequently. She emphasised that when a person works hard on a certain task and doesn't receive any positive feedback, it can be disheartening.

Showing gratitude to the workforce does not only strengthen relationships but is also good for business.


Here are a few benefits of creating a gratitude culture at work:

⮚      Improve productivity

⮚      Improve culture and reciprocity

⮚      Reduce workplace stress

⮚      Improve employee wellbeing

⮚      Longer-term motivator

⮚      Strengthens relationships thus empathy and sensitivity increase.


According to a study by the University of Kentucky, participants who practised gratitude were more sensitive towards others and less likely to retaliate even when given negative feedback.

As we wrap up the year to say hello to 2022, it is time to express more gratitude to your team.

Showing appreciation and acknowledgement does not only involve material things as we may assume. Sometimes taking a day off on a busy schedule to meet up with the employees can be a good move. That way, an employer paints a positive picture that they genuinely care for each worker. By setting this excellent example, a sense of oneness and empathy among employees is instilled.

Taking a proactive approach and thanking those in our lives for their contributions can potentially start a cycle in which more and more thank you(s) are given.