Employee Mental Well-being: A Vital Component In Cooperate Culture And Productivity


Mentally drained employees at a workplace mean lower productivity rate and high employee turnover. It is pivotal as an organization to pay close attention to the workforce’s mental wellness, as it is a determining factor to the company’s success or demise.

A healthy working environment forms a big part of the employee’s well-being as they spend most of their time at work. Various issues can turn a workplace into high toxicity. For instance, poor working conditions, below-market-rate salaries and overworking. Furthermore, the Covid 19 pandemic became another major problem in workplaces. The sudden transformation from on-site to virtual work took an enormous toll on the workers’ mental health. Having to worry about their health while also concerned about their job security was a huge frustration. It is during these times that mental health care takes priority.

It is the job of managers to safeguard the worker's peace of mind by regularly assessing their mental stability. Doing these assessments can be tricky if managers cannot read the signs. For most people, mental problems may easily be spotted while in others they can be buried with ease. Depression, alcohol abuse, fatigue, or loss of interest may be some of the popular indicators to look out for. The employer and employee relationship must not only be limited to the workplace but should to some extend stretch out to a person's life to reach the root of the issue.

A study by Limeade drew more than 500,000 participants who were assessed through an Activator Index Score. The study used experience activators that could improve one’s quality of life. These include emotional regulation, resilience, purpose, and optimism. The participants with higher levels of experience activators turned out to be less stressed. Unlike experience activators, traditional corporate wellness programs do not give much thought to the mental and emotional wellness of the employee, but rather focus on biometric data, such as weight and step counts.

As we fast approach the end of year holidays it is imperative to take a moment and reflect on the great achievements along the journey. Celebrating these victories might be a breeze of fresh air needed to remind us of our value. Year-end functions are a brilliant idea and a symbol of appreciation from the employer to employee. These functions help unite employees, allow them to connect and share workplace experiences outside the office while also getting them excited for the nearing year.