Acquisition of Human Resources and Development of Human Capital is essential for creating a Capable, Innovative, and Adaptive Workforce.

The constant change in corporate cultures, global mindsets, and employee priorities means that management and human resources departments must evolve.

To ensure teams are well crafted, motivated, and successful, Strategic and Agile (S&A) believe HR professionals and managers need to step outside their comfort zone and adapt to younger and newer ways of thinking.

S&A is an innovative, business-led, people-driven Human Capital Consultancy and Recruitment Company that supports business owners and senior managers identify business needs and organizational challenges.

We provide easy-to-apply solutions that address each situation to improve performance and grow net profit. We have you covered whether you are looking for innovative solutions or a complete overhaul.


Transform the face of human capital consulting in Africa and beyond, expand our strategic contribution, and connect the dots between key business drivers and how its people influence them.


  • Support businesses in navigating their internal environments' complexities, uncertainties, and dynamics, outperforming and counteracting competitors and adversaries through human capital.
  • Develop strategies that meet business mission objectives and align the internal organization concerning leadership, administrative structure, work processes, and HRM practices to support strategy execution.


  • Deliver practical solutions that enable successful implementation for an efficient and productive HR department.
  • Consistently deliver our best, and build lasting relationships with our clients and candidates through Integrity, transparency and trust.
  • Provide custom-tailored, cost-saving, innovative techniques, taking all facets of your current human resources team, recognizing where needs can be filled and creating and developing existing systems.

Strategic and Agile offer a hands-on, patnership and professional approach to dealing with Human Resources, Risk Management and Marketing for business across the Globe.

As a growing company, S&A is making strides in the human resource capial market with its contemporary recruiting methodologies that it employs to attract well qualified calibre of candidates that have the capabilities to transform and assist any organisation achieve its set objective.